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5-Night Retreat for a Tantric Journey into the Divine Feminine and Masculine

May 29-June 4, 2022, Riviera Maya, Mexico 

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Are You Ready to Explore Sacred Sexuality
in a Highly Energetic, Safe Space?

Join trauma-informed female and male guides on a tantric journey into the Divine Feminine and Masculine where it’s safe to explore your boundaries and practice conscious communication. This six-night shamanic medicine retreat is ideal for singles and couples ready to step out of the everyday to find their energetic edge.

Are You Ready to Bliss Out and Celebrate
Your Sovereignty?

Your embodied days will be spent playing all over these beautiful, sacred grounds. A delightful variety of yoga, meditation, and breath work infuse each pleasure-filled day. Take a dip in the pool to cool down or cop a squat underneath a tree to journal. Your body temple will be nurtured with a delightful vegetarian menu. Plenty of downtime is planned each and every day.


Are You Ready to Journey Into Your
and Heal Old Wounds?

Before taking that deep dive, you will learn the science of psychedelics, setting intentions, and the importance of integration after returning home. Through powerful shadow work and a variety of sacred plant medicine ceremonies, you will be primed to unearth your true essence, smooth away the rough edges, and heal.

Here are some of the workshops, practices and ceremonies you can expect at the Tantric Shamanic Medicine Retreat:
Conscious Communication
Boundary setting
Sacred Sexuality
Shadow Work
Divine Feminine Goddess exploration
Sacred Masculine Deep-Dive
Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork
Trauma Release exercises
Primal Play Party
Temple Night
Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremonies
Visit to private healing cenoté
Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony

Couples or Singles, Beginners or Advanced practitioners welcome


Meet Your Facilitators

Adam Rice

Adam Rice is the founder of Ecstasis Transformational Retreats, combining Western science, coaching and therapy methods, with Eastern philosophy and ancient shamanic Wisdom traditions, to inspire transformation, healing and creativity.

A former banker, marketing specialist and Junior Olympic athlete, Adam has taught Vinyasa Yoga, meditation and mindfulness around the world for the last 20 years. He is a facilitator for deep inner child work (Primal Therapy), a Reiki Master and Tantra and Dearmouring Healer.

His deep commitment to exploring his own mind, and how to improve himself in order to be in better service to the world, brought him to the shamanic path in 2010. As a former Lead Facilitator for Apotheosis and the Synthesis Institute, Adam has successfully guided hundreds of participants in plant medicine ceremonies, and thousands more through his other healing modalities.

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Steve Corbett is the founder of  Notorious Hearts and Man-In Retreats and Workshops, organisations fostering human transformation through various psychological, embodiment and holistic modalities. He works in groups as well as individually, tailoring transformation programs that empower people to live totally, playfully and authentically.


Steve has an honours degree in Psychology, is a holistic counselor, a Mindfulness teacher and a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, which binds him to their ethics code and values. When not empowering others, he is always learning and diving deep into his own personal development, which includes being with his 2 kids who are his Zen masters and teach him everything he needs to know about living authentically.


Salisha Khan

Salisha Aya, founder of Activate Your Alchemy, is a sacred leader who empowers women toward healing and embodiment of their divine sacred feminine. She cultivates her healing programs, weaving in shamanic and tribal wisdom traditions, ancient philosophy, movement medicine and creative, intuitive practices. Deeply committed to her own healing, Salisha connects to her divinity and spiritual expansion daily, and she remains a humble student of Mama Earth and sacred plant medicines. Salisha lives on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Kitts with her two children and fiancé and business partner, Adam Rice. Where she leads yoga for adults and children, wellness retreats, women’s circles, one-on-one life coaching programs and ceremonial rituals in a safe, conscious, and highly energetic space.

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Around the world, there is a revolution happening. People are re-discovering the power of ancient shamanic healing methods, medicines and rituals to help unlock healing and optimise mind, body and soul to reach our true potentials.


These traditions have been practiced for thousands of years by indigenous cultures in every part of the world to access different states of consciousness wherein they believe they are able to heal the body and/or mind from illness and disease. They believe, that if we can connect with nature, and understand how it operates and how we operate within it, we can begin to heal from disfunction, disease and misalignment.


As we move into a new era, modern science is meeting ancient wisdom. This combination is opening up the realms of possibility towards a focus not just on disease, but also on personal growth, inner healing and self-empowerment. 


Janet Haas,  
Founder of Dharma Concierge

With Salisha’s intuitive guidance and embodiment practices, I learned that I am the source of my own healing. My Goddess Alchemy experience was instrumental in and getting “unstuck” by helping me transmute my traumas into empowerment, personal growth, and self-love. I have brought many of Salisha’s practices into my everyday life to keep the energy and healing flowing. As an added bonus, I now have an entirely new tribe of like-minded women who are a never-ending source of love and support. Goddess Alchemy is simply magic!

Jordan Bates
USAFounder - Ouroboros & Refine The MindCo-Creator - High Existence

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or clAdam is an Embodiment of Sacred Masculinity. He's been a great mentor to me in a number of areas, helping me understand what it means to be a high-integrity, conscious man. His personal power is off the charts, and he's also great fun—always ready to laugh and not taking himself too seriously. I deeply recommend Adam's work."ick Edit Text to make it yours.

Paal Christian Buntz - Norway

Founder - The Wildman Program, Tantra Teacher, Bodyworker

What makes you trust a man, a coach or a trainer? 

It is his integrity for me. I ask myself if he has done his work and if he truly embodies the principles he is sharing. Steve reached out to me once in a time of his crisis. I have rarely seen and experienced a man so raw, vulnerable and committed to growing as Steve. He is dedicated to truth and is willing to do what it takes to come there.


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Talk to you soon!

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