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The Seven Pillars Of Spiritual Alchemy

Before we enter the sensitive topic of alchemy, let's bring awareness to the fact that this journey is not a container of “one size fits all”. Some of the phases that I present may enter your path, and some may not. Some wisdom may resonate and some may not. This journey of spiritual alchemy is by no means linear, our cycles of life and death will always be in constant motion.

What is true, is how this path of alchemy reveals new dimensions of our being and invites us to step into a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world. With each phase, shedding the layers of conditioning and embracing the radiance of our true essence.

This is what alchemy means. Purifying and refining the dormant spaces of yourself, in order to return back to your source, back to gold.

As you interpret this message in a way that resonates, I invite you to reflect on what emotions come up for you. I offer you a space to channel this wisdom into motion through journal prompts. This will be at the end of this post. The mysteries of your soul are waiting to be seen, approach them only when you feel ready.

So, let's Relax our shoulders, take a cleansing breath, and open our hearts to whatever messages we need to hear.

II. Pillar 1: Calcination - Embracing the Flames of Transformation

The calcination pillar is often associated with the first phase. Like most beginnings of radical change, this phase surrounds the idea of breaking down the old and initiating the room for the new.

When we think about our beliefs, our deeply rooted truths of what we think is real, can you follow the trace of where these systems came from? Is it possible that these ideas that we so heavily base our life off of, don't even come from our own wisdom?

In honest reflection, it is clear that we are born into a society that has a hard time honoring our roots, honoring the truth that we're more than just human flesh. We are so inherently divine and sacred, but born into the headspace that we are far from it. The community of our collective has felt a large sense of disconnection, and we can only attribute this to the shallow effects of this industrialized world.

As this has continued, we've been pushed into a state of neglecting our authenticity, leaving no room to explore the rawest, most vulnerable parts of ourselves. The parts of ourselves that yearn to be seen and witnessed.

The Pillar of Calcination shows us the path to deconstructing these societal norms. It opens us up to the idea that we are more than thoughts, and we have the ability to tune into what feels good, rather than what looks good.

When you come to this place of acknowledging that there is something grander among you, you will realize that the beliefs that have been attached to you your whole life never belonged to you in the first place.

III. Pillar 2: Dissolution - Surrendering to the Depths Within

As the process of Calcination brings loving awareness to our impurities, Dissolution brings in the practice of surrendering and letting go of limitations, illusions, and attachments. This can come in the form of disconnecting yourself from the narratives of beauty standards, or the conventional ways we are told to live.

This art of letting go of our deeply ingrained illusions can feel incredibly scary and unstable, but this breakthrough is the portal to alchemy, to the divine.

When we enter this humble space of detachment, we can embody the objective witnesser, and we begin to see the lightness of our self-doubts, our deconstructive patterns, our fear, our unworthiness, and our ego-driven desires.

During this phase of being the true witness, it's very likely that stagnant and deeply rooted energies of the soul begin to turn on. The more you awaken to truth, the more the old and limited versions of yourself begin to purge. This may manifest into a sudden breakup in your circle or relationships, an upheaval in your energy, or a shift in financial or job status.

This phase teaches us that this journey of spiritual alchemy isn't just about becoming, but instead is about unbecoming everything to make room for the golden light of your soul. This, dear soul, is where alchemy is stored.

IV. Pillar 3: Separation - Discerning the Essential from the Illusory

During this phase of spiritual evolution, we begin to differentiate our impurities from our true essence. Discerning the pure perfection of our soul from the cursory of our ego. This separation process brings awareness to our authentic selves while also observing the version of ourselves that has been avoiding this true nature. This is where the practice of deep self-awareness and self-reflection becomes useful.

Instead of returning to old habits that previously fulfilled us or brought us bliss (retail therapy, seeking constant validation, instant gratification, scrolling, etc..), we begin to naturally find the inspiration to honor our being by pursuing habits that feel more illuminating and give way to a deeper peace.

This process can look like bringing conscious awareness to our authentic selves, tuning into what brings us pleasure, feeling into how our bodies wish to move, and how we want to show up to the world around us.

The first three pillars involve deconstructing the limited version of yourself that has manifested, and understanding that there's a higher, more fulfilling version of life that's available to you.

V. Pillar 4: Conjunction - The Alchemical Union of Opposites

Following the flow of deconstructing our reality, we are invited back into the space of unconditional unity and clarity. This phase represents the merging of opposite forces and the acceptance of balance and harmony in light and dark.

When you embrace this fabricated harmony of accepting all that is, you'll begin to transcend the dualistic mindset of “positive” and “negative”, “right” and “wrong”, or "you" and "them". There is an acceptance and welcoming of this inherent unity and harmony that underlies all apparent opposites.

This new frequency allows us to properly reflect on each part of our being. There is no judgment in the intelligence of unity. All of the embarrassment, the self-judgment, the wounds, and the shadow side of selves, will be shown the long-awaited love and understanding that it has been waiting for.

You begin to understand that your timeline, your story, and every detail of your existence is simply perfect, and has led you to this very moment. And this moment is the source of everything.

VI. Pillar 5: Fermentation - Nurturing the Seeds of Transformation

If there is deconstruction, there must be a moment of reconstruction, this is the beginning of the reconstructing journey in spiritual alchemy. After we’ve allowed clarity and purification into our existence, we enter the phase of a vivid and intense rebirth. This is the catalytic process of transforming into the butterfly. When the caterpillar realizes what it was destined to become this whole time.

When you completely shatter your previous understanding of reality, most people undergo a deep and painful plunge into the darkness, often into the darkness of their past. When you are forced to reinterpret the entire framework of existence, you may experience a sense of mourning within the attached self, the self who has identified with these beliefs your whole life. This can be called “the dark night of the soul”, and will be an inevitable voyage in one's spiritual awakening.

You may be presented with opportunities that compel you to revert to the old versions of yourself, tempted by what were once your outlets of escapism: alcoholism, binge or undereating, isolation, avoidance, excessive scrolling, or unconscious living. This phase teaches us to embrace these challenges, devote ourselves to honest self-reflection, and allow the integration of new truths to take up space.

VII. Pillar 6: Distillation - Refining the Elixir of Self

After the heaviness of the fermentation process, we are then invited to a place of further purification, or a more integrative transformation. When your soul is ready, and your being permits it, we will intuitively rest in the spaces of inner peace, and develop a deep desire to go inward and explore our inner technology and wisdom.

We begin to harmonize with the natural pulse of mama earth, where we enter into a state of pure harmony and synchronicity, feeling deep reverence for her breathtaking power.

In this phase, we understand the importance of practice. You may intuitively find yourself in daily meditation. Through this practice, you will encounter a profound sense of inner wisdom and undergo a deeper transformative journey within. You will realize that the joy and pleasure that you have been seeking were always one breath away this entire time.

You not only understand, but you embody the fact that you are more than just a body, you are a soul. This information leads you to radically express the way your soul flows, where all the moments in your practice amplify and heighten these authentic parts of yourself.

During this phase, you may be drawn towards the wisdom of the ascended masters, or those who have become enlightened. You begin to connect reasoning to the mysteries of exploring the divine. You may begin to trust the natural wisdom of your own body and attune to the intuition that was always a part of you. You understand that all the power you could ever imagine rests within your heart, your center.

VIII. Pillar 7: Coagulation - Meeting the Transformed Self

The coagulation phase is thought to be the highest point of spiritual enlightenment, when the practices of learning and doing begin to present themselves with their results. We can associate this high vibration with those of the ascended masters, the individuals who have reached a total realization.

Here, one can now vividly see the past and let off the veil of ignorance, as some like to call it, the matrix. You naturally disassociate with the capitalistic mentality and instead resort back to your roots, back to mama earth, to the collective consciousness, to your lineage, to your home.

This phase is designed to show you a profound understanding of your authentic nature, this can also be described as pure consciousness, divine essence, or the unmanifested source of all existence. As you continue to unfold the concepts of interconnectedness or interdependence with the universe, you develop an understanding that you are a powerful creator.

As you transcend the limitations of time, space, and individual identity, you will realize your inherent unity with all of creation. Here, is the space you create from. The precious return to love and harmony. This, my dear, this rebirth, is what is available to you.

Are you ready to dive into the depths?

Grab a journal, and a pen, and let's begin to breathe deeply into your center. These journal prompts are here to guide you through self-reflection and self-realization. putting the information you've just absorbed into practice. I advise you to show yourself radical honesty with these responses, which may mean returning back to these prompts when you feel ready. I invite you to clarity, to love, and back to yourself.

Pillar 1: Calcination:

  1. What societal norms and beliefs are currently influencing the trajectory of your life? How have they shaped your identity and choices? Are there any that no longer resonate with your authentic self?

  2. Describe moments when you have felt a deep sense of sacredness within yourself. How can you further embrace and honor that divinity in your daily life?

  3. Consider aspects of yourself or old beliefs that no longer serve your growth. How can you deconstruct and let go of these to make room for new truths and transformative experiences?

Pillar 2: Dissolution:

  1. What attachments or illusions are holding you back from personal illumination? How can you surrender these illusions and embrace your calling?

  2. Reflect on the societal narratives and standards that you feel disconnected from. How does this disconnection align with your authentic self? How can you honor your own values and truths?

  3. Are there any stagnant energies or patterns in your life that need to be released? How can you embrace the process of purging and navigate the changes it may bring?

Pillar 3: Separation:

  1. Journal about moments when you felt a deep sense of alignment with your authentic self. What characteristics or emotions were present in those moments?

  2. What habits or activities no longer serve your growth and well-being? How can you let go of them and create space for new experiences that align with your true essence?

  3. Explore the idea of "unbecoming" as a way to make room for your soul's golden light. What does unbecoming mean to you, and what steps can you take to embark on this process?

Pillar 4: Conjunction:

  1. Reflect on the areas in your life where you experience separation or inner conflict. How can you find unity and balance within those aspects?

  2. Embrace and accept the parts of yourself that you have considered "shadow" or undesirable. How can you integrate and love those aspects as essential parts of your whole self? How can you show them love?

  3. Take time to reflect on your journey so far. What lessons have you learned, and how have they contributed to your personal growth and transformation?

Pillar 5: Fermentation:

  1. Describe how you have reconstructed yourself after going through deconstruction. How have you nurtured the seeds of transformation within you?

  2. Journal any emotions or mourning you may have experienced during this process. Be radically honest in how you’ve dealt with the heaviness of transformation.

  3. Reflect on the challenges you have faced during your journey. How have they shaped you and allowed for the integration of new truths into your life?

Pillar 6: Distillation:

  1. What practices resonate with you can help you find deeper inner peace and wisdom. How can you incorporate them into your daily routine?

  2. Spend time in nature and reflect on its beauty and your interconnectedness with her.

  3. Reflect on times when you trusted your body's wisdom and intuition. How can you further develop and rely on this inner guidance?

Pillar 7: Coagulation:

  1. Visualize and describe your vision of spiritual enlightenment and your authentic nature. How does she move? What does she feel like? Can you feel the light of her open heart?

  2. Journal about the societal expectations that you wish to disassociate from. How can you honor your true roots and live authentically?

  3. Can you feel your interconnectedness with the cosmos? How can you shift into unconditional abundance and open your heart to this magic?

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