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Why do I have to apply? Can’t I just register?

The Tantric Shamanic Medicine Retreat is a powerful process and, as such, it is important that those who attend come to us with a willingness to be open to the experience. This will be an intimate retreat with a select group of people, so we would like to know your intentions, your motivations and a bit more about what makes you YOU.


We wish to build a tribe of motivated truth-seekers, visionary leaders, consciousness explorers, creative creators and people who believe that, in healing and transforming themselves, they can help transform the world.


If you think this fits you, then apply now.

What is included?

7 Days/6 nights accommodations in your choice of room/bed

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus tea and coffee **No lunch on ceremony day


All workshops



1 microdosing day

1 sacred plant medicine ceremony

Primal Play Party

Temple Night

Ecstatic dance

Visit to private healing cenoté

Temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony

1 cacao ceremony

1 Rapé ceremony

Ecstatic dance

Use of infinity pool, deck chairs, fitness centre

I’ve never taken a plant medicine before. Is this retreat for me?

At Activate Your Alchemy, one of our main goals is to create a safe and comfortable container so that you can fully let go into the experience. Our workshops will give you the tools to navigate the plant medicine part of the retreat with grace and ease. It is perfect for the experienced practitioner or for complete beginners.

Your health, safety and comfort are our top concern. While plant medicines are generally very safe, having been used for centuries, there are some contraindications for plant medicine use. Therefore, it is very important that you are completely honest and forthcoming on your application. If we have questions about a particular answer, we’ll get in touch to discuss with you.

I have past sexual traumas. Is this retreat right for me?

This retreat is an opportunity to dive deep into these past traumas to heal in a supportive and loving environment. During our required pre-retreat interview, we ask that you be as open and honest about this as possible so we can ensure that we offer you the support you need, and we can decide together if this retreat is for you. That being said, those of you with serious issues PTSD around sexual traumas should consult with their doctor or therapist before attending.

I am single OR I am in a relationship. Can I attend this retreat?

Yes.  This six-night shamanic medicine retreat is ideal for singles and couples ready to step out of the everyday to find their energetic edge. If there are questions coming up around your exploration as a couple, we will be happy address this in a private call.

Will I be required to have sex or be nude at this retreat?

Our top priority is creating and holding a space of honour, respect and integrity. While we encourage participants to explore their boundaries, challenge their conditioning and be open to experiencing the range of offerings at this retreat, you will not be expected to do anything that does not feel comfortable to you.

How many people will be on the retreat?

We are keeping this retreat purposefully small in order to foster an intimate atmosphere. Therefore, we are only accepting 10-12 guests for this exclusive experience.

Can I expect to receive therapy at Activate Your Alchemy retreats?

No. While the facilitators are trained in various therapeutic and coaching techniques, we only offer workshops and sessions for wellness and body/mind optimization.

Do you offer post-retreat integration coaching?

Yes. It can be challenging to return to your life after a transformative retreat, and integration is absolutely required for deep and lasting change.  Our team of facilitators also offer one-on-one coaching and will be happy to discuss this process with you at the end of the retreat.

Will I have free time during the retreat?

YES!! Although we will pack a lot into our 7 days together, having space to play, relax and integrate is just as important. You will have 3-4 hours per day to get some sun, take a dip in the infinity pool, read a book in nature, do your fitness program at the fitness centre or just hang out and chat with your fellow retreat tribe members.

Whats does the schedule look like?

7am Movement

9am Breakfast

11am Workshop

1pm Lunch

3pm Workshop

6pm Finish for the day *Except ceremony days, Primal Play Party and Temple Night


What should I bring to the retreat?

1. A journal and pen
2. A special totem/ sacred object as your anchor for ceremony, to be placed at the altar
3. Water bottle **If bringing glass of metal bottle, please bring a sock to cover bottle to reduce noise during ceremony
4. Eye mask
5. Head lamp or flashlight
6. Socks
7. Comfortable clothes for yoga and evening meditation
8. Accessories - tantric jewelry, temporary tattoos, sarongs, etc.

​9. A small additional tip for staff on property.  **This is optional, but we would like you to be aware that housekeeping and cooks that are not part of our team will also be there taking care of us. Gratuity is voluntary and at your own discretion.

​10. Personal toiletries

​11. Swimsuit for cenote and swimming pool

​12.  Gift for other participants.  This is optional; however, we have discovered strong bonds are created at our retreats, and a small token is a beautiful offering to your new soul tribe! Example, a souvenir from your hometown, stickers, friendship bracelets, etc.

How do I get to the retreat?

The best way is to fly into Cancun International Airport (CUN). The retreat centre is approx. 30 mins from the airport. The best way to get there is via taxi or shuttle . We recommend allowing us to arrange a shuttle for you. Your flight information should be provided at least a couple days prior the retreat for this service.

Cost $30 for 1-4 persons each way

Can I book and stay longer at the Retreat Center?

Arrangements must be made directly with the retreat centre for longer stays.

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