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Happé Ritual


Rappé, sometimes pronounced, “Happé”, is a sacred plant medicine that has been used for generations in healing, cleansing and meditation rituals by the indigenous tribes mostly of South America.

It is made from the leaves of mapacho, a pure, unprocessed form of jungle tobacco, and is considered to be one of the “Master Plants” in the shamanic tradition.

It is usually ground into a dry powder and mixed with other ingredients such as tonka bean, the ash from specific trees or other sacred plants. Each tribe has their own special formula, and the composition determines the spirit and intention of that particular Rappé, be it for grounding, purging, clearing negative energy, opening the 3rd eye or in preparation for a ceremony such as Ayahuasca.

The Rappé is typically blown into the nostrils of the recipient through a special pipe called a “Tepi”. The initial feeling of the Happé entering the body is of a strong rush of energy upwards, which can be accompanied by a burning sensation that often makes the eyes water.

This only lasts a few moments however, before the burning subsides and the energy begins to move downward, creating a deep sense of stillness and inner peace. 

Upcoming Ráppe offerings

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