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Why Breathwork?

In today’s world we are constantly pulled in many directions. Most people are living in a state of stress and anxiety that manifest into major dis-ease. We have been trained to ignore emotions and this causes damage that can happen deep within our psyche and get hidden in our shadows.   


The Breath is the most important asset we will ever have. Connecting to the breath is a portal to optimal health and can bring us into a state of calm and relaxation. Having better control over our breath by bringing deeper awareness to way we are breathing can not only promote physical healing in the body, but can be a very important catalyst for releasing deep heal traumas and healing our spirit.   


Further exploration of breath-work in combination with plant medicines led me towards my spiritual awakening and healing. The healing of the body, led to the healing of the mind, which ultimately led to the healing of my own spirit.


I offer you a personal story as well as a very simple breath work technique that can help you in your daily lives. I also offer breath work in all of my programs as a tool to promote well-being.   


Inhale Love, Exhale Peace

Salisha Aya

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How Breathwork saved my life during my vision quest in the Jungle

Why Breathwork?

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