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As more people begin to experiment with, and experience the benefits of using sacred plant medicines in higher, ceremonial dosages, the emergence of microdosing psychedelic compounds as begun to gain more attention.


This practice involves taking small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic substances (like psilocybin), which many people have reported improves mood, creativity, focus and productivity, but without the typical visuals and psychedelic experience that would make it difficult to work or drive, for example.


We believe that microdosing is a powerful practice for integration after a ceremony. It helps to keep us connected to the spirit of the medicine, and, together with our integration coaching, it offers a new framework for understanding the insights and downloads that came from the experience. This helps to create a strong foundation for sustaining the changes that have occurred.


Microdosing can also be powerful without an initial high-dose ceremony. Using a microdosing protocol can be a great way for the uninitiated to get familiar with the effects and benefits of this medicine, and it has been known to especially help people with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges look for an alternative to typical pharmaceutical medications. (always talk to your doctor before starting or stopping any medications).


For more info on microdosing, as well as our microdosing protocols, click here.

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