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Feel Our Vibe, Join our Tribe
Activate your Alchemy with Adam and Salisha.Aya


Our Mission

We are in service of Great Spirit & Mother Earth and all humans who are ready to reconnect to their inner wisdom and step into their full- power through spirituality and community.

Who are we? 

Adam &  Salisha are travellers of the ancient lands, know as soul explorers. We are devotees of Mother Earth and sacred plant medicine. We support all missions that relate to living in peace and harmony with all of humanity and re-generating the planet.  Our soul marriage is based in Trust, Compassion, understanding and our common mission to work as a team to bring our healing love and medicine to this earth for the evolution of the future. We live with our two kids on the beautiful Caribbean island of St Kitts but travel around the world offering our work whenever we are called.

From our extraordinary collection of knowledge, wisdom traditions,  techniques and practices, we collaborate with Great Spirit and Mother Earth with a unified intention of creating a community based in vulnerability, spirituality , abundance and love. We offer our medicine retreats and life coaching practices and continue to be  be humble students of the wisdom keepers and yogic teachers of this earth. Our  Shamanic practices offers the guidance and loving support that is needed at this time for you to heal, dive deep into vulnerability, ascend into your highest purpose, open to your inner wisdom. 


Our Intention

Our offerings  for humans to heal, based in spiritually, shamanic wisdom traditions and love, so they can remember their own power and inner wisdom.  We pray and play, discovering a new way to life with purpose and joy.

Our  8 pillars


Healing through Sacred Plant Medicines

Health and Wellness through movement and nutrition

Roots to Rising, A Journey towards healing the inner child

Ancient Wisdom Techniques

Integrity , Intention and Integration

Building Community  & Tribe

Conscious Relating


We believe that every individual is a part of the greater whole, and carries a certain responsibility towards other living beings and our Mother Nature. These are the core values that we strive to live by and teach our students:


We strive to train wise and ethical practitioners of Shamanic Energy Medicine and to give you the tools to launch a meaningful new career doing what you love. Through the marriage of ancient wisdom and modern science, we seek to transform the world by bringing exceptional health and joy to everyone we work with. 

The Four Winds Society offers an Online Energy Medicine Training program, and a Residential Energy Medicine Training program with campuses in the United States, Germany and Chile. Our main campus, Los Lobos, is nestled in the coastal mountain range adjoining a World Biosphere Preserve in Chile.

Our Love Story

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For much of my life, I lived under the pressures of cultural, societal and parental expectations and influences that most of us are exposed to from the time we are born until we reach adolescence and beyond. This conditioning created a kind of facade, a face that I showed to the world to gain the love and respect I so desperately searched for, yet which didn’t feel in line with my True Self.


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Salisha Aya, founder of Activate Your Alchemy, is a sacred leader who empowers women toward healing and embodiment of their divine sacred feminine. She cultivates her healing programs, weaving in shamanic and tribal wisdom traditions, ancient philosophy, movement medicine and creative, intuitive practices. Deeply committed to her own healing, Salisha connects to her divinity and spiritual expansion daily, and she remains a humble student of Mama Earth and sacred plant medicines.

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