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Ayahuasca, also known as Grandmother Medicine, “La Madrecita” or The Medicine of the Soul , is a combination of two important plants: Ayahuasca vine and the leaves of the Chacruna plant. The brew is made by the indigenous medicine keepers and infused with prayer and intention. When we receive this sacred brew into our bodies and energy system by drinking in a safe ceremonial space, we can access the depths of our subconscious and sit at the alter of our own hearts. From this place we can learn to navigate our inner wisdom and connect to the unseen, spiritual realm. We can have profound visions, hear clear messages and access the codes to our “higher self”.  Shamans know that these master plants are highly intelligent and can help us find the energetic roots of our traumas, imbalances and dis-ease and heal us at a cellular level.   


How we work:

At our Aya healing ceremonies, we create a sacred, safe space, infused with prayer and healing intention. Once the sunsets, participants are invited to enter this space with reverence and their intentions. We open the medicine space honouring, the 4 directions, our guides, our ancestors, nature, ourselves and The Great Spirit. Participants are invited to the Shaman to drink the medicine, then they return to their mattresses. Throughout the Ceremony the medicine healers/Shamans sing Ikaros to each person or the group to activate the medicine and honour the plant spirits. We hold great trust for this powerful plant, and believe that it will offer to each person the healing that they need, therefore we offer ourselves as a conduit for any energy work that is to be given and we are guided by the medicine. We also use jungle tobacco (mapacho) as a cleaning agent and for protection against negative energies. The ceremony will officially be closed by the Shaman and participants will be offered space to share before returning to their rooms for rest. 


How to prepare:

It is said "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Ayahuasca has been known to find you. This medicine comes to you as a whisper and you will always know when it is the right time and the right Shaman or retreat to hold this space for you. We encourage you to take the time to feel into it and when you receive a clear "YES” you will be able to relax and trust the plant medicines to do its work. Once you have decided to gift us with the honour as your guides on this sacred journey, we will offer time and space to prepare you with the correct diet, energy work, and we can also help guide you into your intention if this isn’t yet clear. We believe that our western minds sometimes need to understand what is to be expected, so we are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. For more info on how to prepare for your journey, click here.


After the ceremony:

The time after the ceremony and when you begin to “live in harmony with the teaching and insights of the medicine “ is called integration. This can take anywhere between one month and one year and highly depends on the practices and support that you put into place for yourself after the journey. We have helped many people to understand/decode some of this information from their experiences and offer programs to create healthy habits and sustainable change. See our Integration Coaching offerings for more understanding of how we work with integration.

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