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Cacao Ceremony and Ritual


Cacao ceremonies can be traced back to over 1,000 years and used by the indigenous Mayan traditions of Central and South America as a tool to move stuck energy and clear blockages. Cacao when drank with intention can offer deep energetic healing and profound spiritual insights. This medicine is known to carry the highest energetic value of LOVE and I like call it the "Heart Opening” Fruit.  
Ceremonial Cacao is prepared by firstly roasting the cacao beans, then grinding until the pure chocolate is ma
de. Once we begin to prepare the Cacao for the Ritual we infuse, Love, prayer and intention. This medicine can be quite bitter, therefore some sweeteners such as Agave or honey can be added. A dash of cayenne Pepper allows the cacao to be absorbed much quicker into the blood stream.
Considered a superfood for its extensive health benefits, Cacao is high in antioxidant, flavonoids, magnesium, iron and fibre. The best part is, it also contains mood- enhancing compounds that promote that the feelings of happiness and well-being. Some studies show that it increases blood flow to the cardiovascular system which can help lower risk of high blood pressure and heart dis-ease.   
At our Aya  Cacao Rituals  we set a soft and romantic sacred space, call upon the spirit of the plant and set intention for Love and Connection. Cacao is a powerful plant ally and is popular for its Heart Opening and Heart Healing qualities.   We combine Cacao with breath work and  gentle stretching to active the Spirit of the Medicine.   Then we invite participants to just lay back and relax to allow the medicine to move through the body and energetic system.   At the end of the ceremony, lightness, joy and  connection often Is the overall felt experience.   

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