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Psychedelic Integration Coaching


Our Aya Wellness Retreats and Medicine Ceremonies can guide you on a very powerful journey of “Self Awakening"


 As you begin to Activate your Alchemy you will be faced with authentic signs of transformation and signals that your energy is shifting. When the world that have at times felt uncomfortable and unsafe can now begin to feel lighter and your purpose can begin to reveal itself. We invite you into Trusting this process.


Our Integration coaching sessions are designed specifically to support you at this very delicate time of rebirth. We understand how unhealthy habits and patterns are formed through conditioning and traumas. As you consciously die to these old stories of yourselves and awaken to a re-newed way of being, we can help you with tools and practices that will create, sustainable and wholesome change.   We help hold you accountable to your commitments and to your intention for continued growth and expansion.  We will also help you build a spiritual toolbox to keep you in a place of connection as you embody the “ True Authentic Wisdom “   that lives within. 


Set up a one on one coaching call with Adam and Salisha 

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