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I am Salisha.Aya.     

Health and Nutritional Coach,  Life and Transformational  Coach, Yoga Instructor, Breath Work Facilitator, Intuitive Healer. 

My mission is to empower women to transform their lives into a radiant state of health so they can live in full purpose and potential. I believe that true health transcends the physical, and encompasses the body, mind and spirit. My holistic approach provides self-regulating tools and modalities to address and integrate these three elements. 


My transformational, nature-based programs place a strong focus on Food as Medicine, Natural and Home remedies, Movement, and Creative and Intuitive practices to heal trauma and create lasting energetic and physical changes. They are derived from my years of experience and expertise in nutrition, sustainability, mindset, and energy work, and are designed to keep you on track through self-accountability, self-reflection and direct mentorship support. 


I am forever grateful for my own journey of self-healing, because it's allowed me to serve in a deeper and more meaningful way, and has gifted to me Health and Wellness, and the confidence to be the medicine woman, mother of two beautiful children and healer I was born to be.

Read about the Four Pillars of Wellness here.

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