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YOGA & Meditation

Adam Bio

Vinyasa Flow - Yoga Instructor 


For much of my life, I lived under the pressures of cultural, societal and parental expectations and influences that most of us are exposed to from the time we are born until we reach adolescence and beyond. This conditioning created a kind of facade, a face that I showed to the world to gain the love and respect I so desperately searched for, yet which didn’t feel in line with my True Self.


And although I experienced a lot of success in life (I was a Junior Olympic gold medalist, a banker, an entrepreneur), I later discovered that my childhood traumas had created the behaviors and patterns which kept me bound in a constant cycle of frustration, always trying to find fulfillment, always chasing happiness, yet always bumping up against myself somehow. 


Over the years, I attended many workshops, read countless self-help books and talked to therapists and healers, but could never really put my finger on what was missing. And then, in 1999, I discovered the power of yoga and meditation, and began to look inward rather than constantly seeking outward for healing and understanding. 


This discovery set me on a path of spiritual development that has lasted until this day. A pivotal moment came when I traveled to India in 2007 and participated in an intensive immersion process called Primal Deconditioning. 


It was here, that I learned to look with honesty at my shadows, to confront the pain and traumas around my childhood and parental conditioning, to release years of stress from my body, and to dive more deeply into the depths of my emotions and my soul. In essence, I learned who my AUTHENTIC self was. 


In the many years since, I have found my life’s true purpose in helping others to expand their awareness, transcend conditioning, heal their traumas and step more into true authenticity through the many modalities I have now studied and trained in over the years. 


One of the most profound healing modalities I have discovered has been the power of shamanic practices. Since 2012, I have been exploring the many facets of shamanic healing, including drumming, energy work, vision quests, shamanic rituals, and working with sacred plant medicines from various cultures and traditions, such as psilocybin mushrooms and Ayahuasca.

I’ve spent time with the Shipibo tribe deep in the Amazon jungle of Peru, worked as a Facilitator and Guide for the Synthesis Institute, one of the world’s leading psilocybin retreat centres, located in the Netherlands, and as the Lead Facilitator for Apotheosis Retreats, organising and leading powerful transformational experiences in the jungles of Costa Rica with Ayahuasca. 

Today, I have grown into an internationally renown yoga and meditation teacher, Shamanic & tantric healer, become a Reiki Master and co-founded Activate Your Alchemy, together with my wife and Medicine Woman, Salisha. I have also focused on helping men evolve into their “sacred” masculine through my Order of Honourable Men and Sacred Gentleman programs. I offer personal coaching, and lead workshops, retreats and ceremonies around the world. 


I believe that the human race, despite all the current turmoil and division, is on it’s way to the next step in it’s evolution. I believe that this must happen together with nature and with each other, respecting the Wisdom Traditions and teachers that came before us, yet integrating some of the more modern modalities of our time. My mission is to be a keeper and preserver of these ancient traditions, to be open and vulnerable in sharing my own experiences in order to connect with those who seek my help and to contribute to the continued healing of others, the planet and myself. 

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